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New Fabric Doll Design!

Hey Everyone. Just wanted to drop a quick line about the new Fabric Doll Now available. This doll is based off the Moggle or Momo Design. The one pictured here is just a blank (meaning no hair, clothes, etc). I am currently making 3 of these - 2 as a surprise gift for a friend of mine and 1 Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing (endless waltz ed.) as a commission. I think so far these are by far the easiest to sew, stuff and design for. 

 The doll has an overlarge head and can stand as long as it is propped against a solid surface. The Doll Stands 11" tall and is 7.5" wide from hand to hand. The head is 13.5" diameter and body is 5.5" long. The body is made of standard doll material while "hair" portion of head and "shoes" are made of fleece, felt or flannel.

 As soon as I have one of the completed ones done I will post it as well so you can see one with the finished hair, face and clothes.


 Moggle Front Moggle Back

 Moggle Side


 Also I finished a Commission a while back for a close friends daughter for her birthday and forgot to post the pics of her doll. She wanted a Polly Pocket Fabric Doll. Here is my version.

  Polly Pocket (large Fabric Doll)

 Well That is all for now. Later guys.




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