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First off let me apologise for the long delay in posting any new updates. RL has just kind of overtaken everything and I have had very very little time for updates and cleaning up the site. Again sorry about that! I do have the updated Commission List ready to post along with a whole lot of new Doll Pics as well - but I do have a slight problem. 

As of 3 weeks ago my computer died! Not a crash (thank the gods!) but just up and died and now it will only boot up to just shut right back down. With the holidays and my increased doctor's appointments I am unable to get it fixed just yet so all of my new Doll Pics are unaccessible. I had not had the chance to move them to photobucket or anything so they are only on my compu and now stuck. So it will be a few weeks before I can get them moved and posted...I know, I know - not what ya want to hear! 

I am in the process of retyping out the Commission list - I had to find all of my notes and "hard copies" so that I could make sure I didn't miss anyone. Please once it is posted (which if things stay calm will be by x-mas) make sure to look for your doll and double check the notes and all. If your doll is not listed please let me know ASAP and I will make the correction okay. 

I also hope to have some new pics of some NEW Fabric Dolls. I am putting on the finishing touches to an Inuyasha and a Naruto at the moment. I am still debating on wether or not to offer these fabric dolls as part of my regular Commissions so I am really interested in you guys input. Please keep the comments coming and if I do get a positive response then I will set up a page just for the Fabric dolls as well. 

I also want to just include a quick note hear for those I contacted last week about the slight delay in your dolls due to my eye being all patched and unable to see clearly - The PATCH is OFF!!! So you guys can quit emailing the pirate jokes okay - I am working non-stop to get your dolls caught up and they will ship tom. afternoon....so nwahhhhh

Well That is all for now - hopefully I will get my computer fixed faster than I am dreading and the next update (besides the updated Commission List) will be full of photos as well! Later guys and have a Safe and Happy Holidays!!!

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