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Commission List 8/17/08


Worry Doll Commission List


1.) Mawgy – (6) Glorfindel Dolls – 100% for drafts  - DONE AND SHIPPED

                            (6) Erestor Dolls – 100% for drafts - DONE AND SHIPPED


2.) Crow – (1) L from Deathnote – 100% - (only waiting on your payment)


3.) Name Withheld – (2) Eric Draven in The Crow outfit Dolls 63% done (will continue doll as we discussed when you return to US so no worries)


4.) KC – (1) Kurama fr. YuYu Hakusho – 98% (hair still needs some work)

(1)   Yoko Kurama fr. YuYu Hakusho – 40%

(1)   Sesshomaru fr. Inuyasha (w/ both arms) – 35%

(1)   Goyjo fr. Saiyuki Reload – 50%


5.) Matthew – (1) Ino fr. Naruto Doll – 25%

              (1) Hinata fr. Naruto – 25%

              (1) Ten-Ten fr. Naruto – 30%

              (1) Temari fr. Naruto – 20%

(1)   Sakura fr. Naruto – 40% (will have new drafts ready in about 1 week on the new designs we discussed for ten-ten and temari, and will stick with the older designs for Hinata, sakura and ino.)


6.) Amjo – (1) Keita – 45%

(1)   Endou –20%

(1)   Naruse -30%

(1)   Iwai – 25% (now only in white school shirt and khaki pants – no blazer)

(1)   Niwa  - 20%

(1)   Sionji  - 30%

(1) Hinomiya – 10% (in archer outfit and possibly with bow if doable)

fr. Gauken Heaven. Dolls (all in school uniforms except Naruse – him in his Tennis uniform). New designs should be no problem. Any other changes should be emailed to me no later than 9/20/08 so that we can work out all details before I start on your final dolls and all okay.


7.) AJ – Legolas (LotR movie) 100%  - ready for you when you return to the states!


8.)  bbbddce (hope I got that one right – please email me if it is not)  - (1) Duo (Gundam Wing series ed.) – 15%

(1)   Heero (Gundam Wing series ed.) – 15%

(1) Trowa (Gundam Wing series ed.) – 30%

(1) Quatre (Gundam Wing series ed.)

(1) Wufei (Gundam Wing series ed.) – 20%

(1) Zechs (Gundam Wing series ed.)

(1) Treize (Gundam Wing series ed.)

still needing to know what outfit you are wanting Zechs and Treize in but other than that the dolls are starting to come along. The approved drafts have already been started and the other drafts are still being tweaked but I hoped to have them to you in a about a week okay.


9.) Gfantome – (1)Cloud (ff7 advent children outfit – possibly w/ sword) – 40%

(1)   Barrett (ff7 advent children version)

(1) Tifa (ff7 game version) – 20%



10.) DpHm – (1) Harry Potter (done in school uniform from the last 2 movies )

                        (1) Draco Malfoy (done in school uniform from the last 2 movies )

                        -I will also try to make the dolls look “older” like you asked but we will just have to see how that works out okay.


11.) Name Withheld – (1) Naruto (Naruto Shippuden version) – 15%

(1)   Sasuke (Shippuden version)


12.) K-Chan – (2) Naruto (shippuden versions)

(2)   Sasuke ( 1 – shippuden version and 1 - C2S(his demon version) if possible)

(1) Cloud (ff7 advent children version) – 20%

(2) Vincent (ff7 advent children version) – 10%

(1) Hagi…? (Blood+ - maybe with cello case if more pics are found or provided)


13.) Emes – (1) Kouga (fr. Inuyasha)


14.) Slythern1886 – (1) Severus Snape

(1)   Harry Potter

(1) Draco Malfoy

-         am still waiting for your character designs for the outfits so I can do the doll drafts and we can work out what can be done and what not okay.


15.) vampsittervet – (3) Original Characters – Jet, Jinks, Junket – am waiting on your final drawings to revamp the drawn drafts


16.) Name Withheld – (1) Roronoa Zoro (possibly w/ his swords and still unsure about whether or not to have the bandana on head)

(1)   Luffy – (would really like as close to possible to his strawhat of can)

(1) Sanji

(1) Ace – (again if possible do w/ hat – will still want of hat cannot be done but wants to see any “drafts” of hats)


17.) Ludes – (1) Princess Leia – slave costume (done in burgundy)

(1)   Han Solo

(1) Luke Skywalker

(1) Chewbacca (if at all possible – still in the design process but will let you know as soon as I have something more solid


18.) Jewels – (2) Original Characters – R.McM., G.T. (girl it is about time you let me get my hands on these guys. I have been dying to give it a go with them and hopefully you won’t kill me to badly when they don’t do justice to these awesome characters of yours. As requested character names will only be shown as initials.)


19.) Mi-chan – (1) Mugen – (fr. Samurai champloo)


20.) dbzyaoi4me – (1) Vegeta – in blue training uniform (may still possibly want doll done as SS – will do one head in each when the time comes to choose from – drawn draft of each as well)

                        (1) Kakarott (Goku) – in orange & blue gi (may still possibly want doll done as SS – will do one head in each when the time comes to choose from – drawn draft of each as well)


Now guys I know this looks like a very long list and all and yeah it kinda is but some of the dolls are already done and shipped, others done and waiting on payment so don’t get too scared off by looking at it. I also know that many of you on the list may not have a percentage or a note, etc. out beside your requested doll – 1st off this does not mean nothing has been to your dolls – what it generally means is that I am working on the “drawn drafts”, sketches of parts of certain outfits, figuring out what material I will need and if I have them on hand, if not where I can get them.


Most of the characters on this list come with some sort of accessory such as swords, guns, spears, fur, animal tails, jewelry, boots, geta, belts, etc. their outfits and not so standard accessories take extra time to prepare and design not to mention make. All accessories are made from scratch for each and every doll so it can become a very time consuming process but it is sometimes also a very essential process for most dolls.


I will be working as quickly as I can through these but I will not comprise on quality (thankfully most of don’t have specific time lines for your dolls – and the reason I took so many commissions on right now). Unfortunately school will be starting back up shortly and then I will be taking on fewer commissions during that time and schedule but will gradually increase the amount if it seems that I have the time for them.  Other than all that (which I know is really quite a lot to take in – sorry!) I have almost completely finished my fabric doll Mei all that is left is hair and face which I really and drawing a blank on at the moment, so I have already started back on the commissions  and am hoping to keep you guys better updated. 





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